#5: The Start of Something Awesome

So you actually clicked through and came to check out my blog??? You are SO awesome!

You're probably wondering, why the heck is Amanda doing this? Or maybe you're thinking, "Cool! Blogs are fun, wonder why she hasn't had one yet?" Oddly enough, I had never really thought of having a blog until recently. 

If you read my prior posts (which I think you should, there's some interesting stuff in there), you'll see what's been going on inside my heart and head lately. I want to be an illustrator! I want to be a letterer! I want to be an entrepreneur! 


And this blog is just another step towards those goals. While you may think that a blog isn't that big of a deal, or isn't going to help much, you'd be very wrong. One of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to become a self-propelled entrepreneur is to write. A lot.

Write every single day. Most of it is probably never going to be seen in the public eye, but the good stuff that comes out should be shared with the world!

Why though? Well, writing gets your thoughts out. It takes them out of your jumbled up brain and puts them on paper, where you can open up some brain space and reevaluate what's going on in your head. Things end up being a lot more clear once you've written it out. That's something I'm discovering every day.

As to what you should write, well that's all up to you. Write whatever comes into your mind, even if it's "I can't think of anything to write right now." Odds are, once you get going, you'll discover you have a lot more to write about than you originally thought.

Okay so back to my blog. I'm writing this blog to not only get my thoughts out, but to share them with you. I want to help people with my same goals as much as I possibly can. As a freelance artist/designer, there's a LOT to learn, and while there are a ton of resources out on the web, I want to help make those resources more focused and accessible by doing the research myself, and posting my findings here.

My main focuses are shown here in the nifty bulleted list below:

  • My goals as an artist, an entrepreneur, and a self-starter
  • Milestones as I achieve them
  • Resources for creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Advice I discover through research and good ole' fashioned mistakes (live and learn, right?)
  • Tons of value and hopefully some smiles and chuckles along the way


I'm going to post every single

 - Wednesday & Saturday -


That's my goal, and I'm hoping to hold myself accountable to it by announcing it nice and big here so you know and I know and neither of us forget. 

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