#11: Laser Focus

In my last post I discussed the importance of staying motivated and gave some powerful pointers on holding onto that motivation. 

Today I'd like to share the importance of taking that motivation and focusing it with laser precision onto the one thing you're passionate about. 

Story time!

I recently had a very good conversation with a fellow artist about this topic. He wants to start a company and was trying to decide if he wants to market it to a wide variety of people or choose a smaller niche and focus on that to begin with. We both came to the conclusion that he should pursue the latter. 

It's that one particular niche that he is most passionate about and the very same that originally sparked his idea to start a company in the first place. If he were to try to diversify immediately and take on multiple markets that he doesn't know anything about, his project will invariably fail.

Remember, never aspire to be the jack of all trades; you'll be master of none.

As for me, I've been trying really hard to stick to that idea and not get caught up trying to give my attention to too many pursuits. You may think that Graphic Design is very narrow, but you'd be wrong. Likewise with Illustration.

Both are things that I wish to pursue, but I'm learning that I need to narrow my focus further and further. Within Graphic Design there are so many other fields: logo design, ad design, poster design, etc. Then with Illustration there a multitude of other genres and sub-genres as well. 

In the midst of all these passions that I have and pursuits that I love, I've realized I need to choose one to narrow my focus beam in on. I can't give this advice and not take it myself, so I'm declaring to you my readers that I have chosen my path to focus in with laser finiteness:

Hand Lettered Logo Design

I've discovered I have an absolute passion for hand lettering and learning it comes to me easily. While it may be a fairly new discovery, it's something I feel I have a knack for. 

I won't deny I've had a hard time sticking my focus to that, because let's face it, we all have more than one thing we love. I'm an illustrating, anime-loving, fantasy nerd who does graphic design for a day job and also thoroughly enjoys biology and the sciences. But it honestly wouldn't make sense (much less be prudent, for that matter) for me to try and pursue them all at once. Each would get so little of my attention that I'd never be truly good at any of them.

So the time tested and wisest path for me to take is to pick one and stick to it. The same goes for you. If there are many things you love, but you want to pursue them all, start with the one that you love the most, or at least one of the ones that you love the most. After you've made that decision, pursue it with laser focus. 

What does that look like? For me, it means I'm going to start taking hand lettering courses, and I'm not talking about any old freebie course I can find on Youtube, I'm investing in thorough courses that will delve deep and give me a firm foundation in this craft. I'm investing in books that will also teach me what I need to know. As well, I'm networking with other professionals and digging my roots deep into the community of this craft. 

I really hope my advice can help you in your pursuit. What craft will you point your laser focus on? Where are you at in your passion pursuits? Please share your story in the comments below, or send me an email

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