#1: Every journey begins with a single step...

And here you are, experiencing my first steps as I delve into the world of blogging.  I want to start sharing my thoughts with you so you can gain insights on what it is to be an artist, my burgeoning passion for handlettering, and my journey working a full time job to becoming a full time freelance designer and letterer. That's my desire and ultimately my goal - to pave my own way as a creative in this crazy, wide world.

Is that something you want to do as well? AWESOME! Join me in my journey and maybe, just maybe, we can make it! Really though, it's more than a maybe, I see this as something I truly have to do. While I'm grateful for my job and it is a good company, I have a passion to embark on new creative pursuits and help lots and lots of people achieve their visual and artistic goals.

I see my talent in art as a gift, and I want to share it in the most unrestricted, uninhibited way possible.

What journey are you taking?